“Coach Lavonya Jones is indeed a rising leader of this generation. Her ability to motivate others to identify their purpose and realize their dreams is simply amazing! Coach Lavonya’s educational background has allowed her to teach effectively, as well as bring concepts to life that will engage any audience. If you want to not only ensure your event makes a positive impact on those who attend, but also bring forth effective change and self-awareness, Coach Lavonya Jones is the speaker you need!”  – K. Thornton

“Coach Lavonya is a gifted speaker. Lavonya Jones is an exceptional business leader and visionary. She is clear, direct and passionate about the subject matter and her delivery style. Her energy and knowledge are both impressive and inspiring. She has the ability to relate to others and uses her experiences to make meaningful connections. Coach Lavonya is both professional on and offline and conducts her business(es) with integrity and excellence. She is very educated and skillful within her industries. She delivers effective solutions with measurable and highly profitable results. As a thought leader, business coach, entrepreneur, author and consultant, Lavonya’s service and product offerings are multidimensional. I highly recommend Lavonya for projects, programs, initiatives and ventures because she is honest, reliable, professional and personable.”  – C. Okezie

“Mrs. Jones is a problem solver. Much thought goes into the things she does, and she has an unusual ability to notice what others overlook.”  – U. Frederick-Brown

“She was organized, efficient, and willing to do whatever was needed to get tasks finished. Because there were often last-minute deadlines, her cooperative attitude and good cheer were important and appreciated. Her leadership skills, work ethic, business development skills and knowledge proved to be invaluable. Her effectiveness to provide solutions made her a great benefit to my business …” – W. Harvey

“ I can’t express the value of the visibility and insights Mrs. Jones was able to give me about MY business. With great confidence I recommend her skills to any business.”  – T. Parsons

“She is a competent leader who has a heart and cares for others.  She is a dynamic and powerful teacher who can coach and instruct others in their God-given gifting.  Lavonya has incredible character and a strong and persevering spirit.  Last but not least, she can manage and perform with excellence.” – D. Riles

“Lavonya is a well- spoken, hard-working, very organized, reliable woman.” – R. Cullen

“Lavonya is very proactive and willing to go the extra mile to advance those around her.  Lavonya has worked with populations ranging from the working professional to adolescents.  Lavonya demonstrates the ability to encourage, motivate and challenge those around her. “ – L. Anthony

“Lavonya is dynamic and deep thinking. Her energy is surpassed only by her willingness to serve others and her idealism that she, in serving others, can make the world a better place. Her entrepreneurial intelligence and drive will prove themselves in any situation where she has the opportunity to make a positive contribution. Lavonya is an example of hope that we should all see excellence always arising anew in our communities. She is blessed with the ability to listen critically, assess situations thoroughly, and formulate workable plans to reach organizational goals.” – D. Doty

“Lavonya is a wonderful coach and business strategist with a keen insight to calling and industry. She combines knowledge with practicality and wisdom. I personally received tremendous insight and clarity from Lavonya’s coaching, and would highly recommend her to anyone, especially those working in entertainment or in business.” – C. Brown

“Lavonya is a great motivator and has such a desire to propel people to their next level. She aspires to inspire people with purpose and with destiny. She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic to help those who desire to be better. Lavonya is an amazing coach with the ability to help you become all that you are called to be.” – S. Coleman

“Lavonya is a detailed oriented person. She is a very compassionate about fulfilling her purpose in life and her helping others to grow into their purpose.” – J. Callaway