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Lavonya Jones is a dynamic Global Leadership Strategist and Coach with over fifteen years of business, ministry and leadership experience. Armed with a passion to equip an army of socially conscious leaders, Lavonya is on a mission to help change agents connect the dots between their global vision and the global influence they desire, equipping them with the spiritual and practical tools they need to do business responsibly and lead opportunities to solve societal challenges.

When you experience Lavonya Jones, you encounter someone destined to help you lead with influence and impact. She has an innate ability to assist you in identifying your global purpose and create a pathway to global influence. Lavonya specializes in working with driven, growth-oriented entrepreneurial leaders and organizations to position themselves in the marketplace as global innovators.

Lavonya is equipped with a professional, no nonsense approach to business that has a proven track record for refocusing vision and pioneering solutions. She has developed countless businesses and programs that will transform the human resources in your organization to support the global enterprise of the future. Founder of Global Edge Leadership Solutions, LLC, Rho Eta Gamma Women’s Leadership Society, and an Executive Member for the launch team of the Atlanta chapter of the International Career and Business Alliance; she is a true social innovator that has mastered the art of merging her passions, callings, and education to create a lasting legacy of personal and professional empowerment. Passionate about a world where prosperity is shared with all, Lavonya serves as on the National Advisory Board for the National Society of Leadership and Success – Sigma Alpha Pi. She also serves as the Program Manager for Student Development within Morehouse College’s Division of Business Administration and Economics, a Historically Black College in Atlanta, Georgia, and as an ordained Marketplace Apostle within the Dominion Ambassadors Network.

Lavonya Jones has a B.S. in Entrepreneurship from Hampton University, a M.A. in Organizational Leadership (with a Concentration in Coaching and Mentoring) from Regent University and is completing a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. This powerhouse businesswoman is also a sought-after executive coach, speaker, thought leader, author, and innovator that will help you to lead effectively in today’s global economy.

Lavonya Jones resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Fred Jones.

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