Are You Following an Old Model in Business

Image courtesy of mrpuen/

Image courtesy of mrpuen/

We live in a world that is rapidly changing. This week I had the pleasure of attending a seminar with Rodney Sampson, of Kingonomics and Opportunity Hub. He is one of the few voices in business that I absolutely love hearing. He is a man so full of wisdom for his young age, and his ideals are absolutely revolutionary. He is a voice that these changing times need.

As he shared from his book Kingonomics, he shared how many entrepreneurs and small business owners are running their businesses based on 20-30 year old models.  In my workshops, I often talk about how web-based technologies have completely changed the way business is conducted. In many ways these technologies have lowered the barriers to entry in business. We are in a time in history where we have never had so many opportunities at our disposal to build the capacity to see poverty eliminated because of these lowered barriers to entry.

Yet even with all these opportunities and ability to build capacity quickly, we haven’t seen the improvement in the health of small businesses that we probably should be seeing. Sampson stated how in business we often attempt to rush too quickly to market using old models that don’t necessarily work in our new economy. If we are going to increase our number of successful entrepreneur leaders we must learn to adjust to the quickly changing global economy we live in. This requires us to stay up to date on what the markets we are entering into requiring. We must keep our ear to what our customers want first, and to changing market trends.

A simple Google search can reveal all we need to know about successfully entering into the markets we desire. We can no longer do business the way we’ve always done it. Are customers aren’t having it and it will show in our lack of growth as a business.

About coachlavonyajones

Lavonya Jones is a fierce new generation Business Strategist and Leadership Coach with over fourteen years of business, ministry and leadership experience. As a Master Certified Small Business Success Coach, her goal is to build a generation of socially responsible, entrepreneurial leaders.
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