How I Recovered from Business Failure

Image courtesy of pakorn /

Image courtesy of pakorn /

I officially started my coaching practice in 2008. In those early days I spent a lot of time and money on what seemed to be good things, but turned out to be bad decisions for my business. I did things by the book, but found my journey in business to be hard, frustrating, and overwhelming. I spent thousands of dollars launching my business the first year and I did not see any return on my investment.


What gives?!?! I often asked myself. The journey was tough, but it was this journey that made me a better coach, trainer, and consultant. Now I know how to help people avoid the same mistakes I made. I know what to look for and how to get past the fluff that is often found in the service part of business.


So fast forward to 2013, I had a huge epiphany that change the course of my business. I realized that it was the very things that I was avoiding that were hindering my business. They were simple things, but they were making a huge impact on the success of my business. I realized the power of AUTOMATED systems and processes, and sales and marketing. I realized that most successful businesses have a duplicable process that is easily implemented, and allows the business owner to spend less time working in their business. I had a system for how I coached, but I did not have a system for the operations and customer management of my business. With sales and marketing, I HATED this aspect of business and avoided it like the plague. I thought that if I simply told people what I did, they would want to work with me. Well that definitely didn’t work! I realized that if I did not commit to learning the process and system of sales and marketing, then my business was doomed!


So I made a commitment to myself and my business, and I learned how to establish automated systems and processes for every aspect of my business. I then studied sales and marketing and found what worked for me. These two small changes made a huge impact in my business. Opportunities started to come to me and my business has been profitable every year since. My profits have also increased every year. I still have a ways to go to reach my revenue goals, but I learned that sometimes it is the very thing that we avoid doing in business, that is the very thing that will create breakthrough in our business.


So what is the one thing you’ve been avoiding that you know you should be doing in your business? I guarantee you, that is the thing you should be doing that will make a difference in your business success!


Join me for this month’s free webinar, where I’ll share what I’ve learned about increasing your market engagement and automating your business processes.

About coachlavonyajones

Lavonya Jones is a fierce new generation Business Strategist and Leadership Coach with over fourteen years of business, ministry and leadership experience. As a Master Certified Small Business Success Coach, her goal is to build a generation of socially responsible, entrepreneurial leaders.
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